We’re Here Too is the report from a series of events where people looked at ways to include people who have higher needs, including people with dementia. There are also examples of dementia-friendly communities.

We’re Here Too Summary Report

We produced Hints to help groups for older people have more skills and confidence around welcoming and continuing to include people who have dementia. We also produced tips on developing Circles of support, which mange people find especially helpful as a way for people with dementia and carers to get the support they want from within their community.

Making your group dementia friendly

Circles of Support

Other resources

Circles of Support is a model of supporting disabled and older people, which usually involves a small group of people (which can include family, friends and paid staff) who come together to support a person, helping them to identify what they would like to do or change in their life and then supporting them to make this happen. NDTi have been working with people on this.

Circles of Support for People with Dementia: Project Information

Examples of Dementia-friendly communities

Dementia Friendly East Lothian has produced a report and summary of its recent learning event.  It was the first time the group has brought people together from across East Lothian to talk about what being Dementia Friendly means to everyone involved.

There are now six communities actively engaged in becoming Dementia Friendly, with local community people and organisations taking the lead and working to make life better for people in their community who are affected by dementia. The new East Lothian Generations Working Together Network is helping to build links across generations and lots of friendships are blossoming up across local communities.

Read the full report here

Dementia Action Alliance: Poole Dementia Action Group

Poole Forum Safe Places Scheme – Poole Forum is a charity run by and for people with learning disabilities. The charity works to keep some of our most vulnerable residents safe.