Enjoying a drink and staying safe as we get older

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Most older people have enjoyed a drink and known how to keep well throughout their adult lives.
But as we get older it becomes more tricky to find the best balance.

• Our bodies respond differently to alcohol as we get older.
• We often take more medication as we get older, and pills and alcohol don’t always mix well.
• We may have more problems with our balance or poorer eyesight. We’re at more risk of having a fall anyway, and becoming more unsteady on our feet isn’t a such a good idea.
• Life can be hard, such as when we lose people we care about, and it can be easy to drift into drinking more as a way of coping.

Outside the Box worked with groups led by older people to raise awareness about how older people use alcohol.
We asked people about their current use of alcohol and the sorts of advice they would find helpful. Here is a summary of the responses to this initial survey:
Outside the Box Alcohol research report

This information provided a useful base to help us plan the content and style for two sets of Hints and Tips which we have now published.


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