Falkirk Moving Assistance

The first stage of the Falkirk Moving Assistance project ran until March 2016.  Now we are working on more ideas in a second stage.
The idea for the project came from older people who said they would like to move house but didn’t know where to start or who to go to for advice and information to help them.

In the first project we developed Hints and Tips to help older people work put whether they want to move house or make their own house work better for them.
In 2017 we are working with people in Falkirk to develop tips on the housing side of coming home after a stay in hospital.

Below you can download copies of our Hints and Tips:

More Information
Falkirk Moving Assistance project is funded by Falkirk Council through the Change Fund.
The first stage was developed and delivered by Outside the Box with help from the Make It Happen Forum.
The Make it Happen Forum is for people aged 50 and older to get involved and have their say in community life.
The second stage is being developed with help from many voluntary organisations, community groups and staff who work n public services in Falkirk.