During the first 3 years of Wisdom in Practice we worked alongside people who want to develop participation by older people and services led by older people. We are planning to base more of our work in this area in the 4th year.

Make it Happen

Falkirk District now has its own independent forum for people over the age of 50 called Make It Happen. This was supported by Outside the Box as part of Wisdom in Practice in the early stages, and the Forum became a constituted group in early 2015.
The aim of the Forum is to give older people a strong, collective voice in the area and provide people with the opportunity to improve things and Make It Happen.

Moving Assistance project

This is a pilot project, to find ways for older people to work out whether they want to move house, and then get the support and practical help they need to make the move. The project is a partnership between the Make it Happen Forum, Outside the Box and Falkirk Council.

Raising awareness about Mental Wellbeing

Wisdom in Practice is developing examples of older people using and promoting the 10 ways to support your mental wellbeing.

We are promoting this as part of Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2015.

Sharing Wisdom in Grangemouth

We want to find out what could make life better for older people living in Grangemouth.

  •  We are looking for ideas on practical things that will be useful.
  • We want plans for everyone living in Grangemouth to include the experiences of views of older people.
  • This is also part of people in Grangemouth contributing your ideas on things that benefit older people across Falkirk District.

What is happening during 2015?

We are asking people: What would an older-people-friendly Grangemouth look and feel like?

We’ll be hearing the views of people living in care homes.

There will be a couple of Big Plan sessions, to bring together the views of lots of people and groups.

Wisdom in Practice can help local groups led by older people get some new ideas get going.