Getting Care & Support

The Wisdom in Practice project has produced practical tips to help groups for and/or led by older people give good support to a wide range of people:

We brought together summaries of research and other reports on effective ways to plan and provide services for older people

Building Community based support with older people


Other resources

There is a lot of useful information available on the Over the Fence website for people who are looking for support for themselves or for people they care about. This includes local help pages for every part of Scotland:
Making Choices is developing more detailed information to help older people who need more support make choices and decisions:

Circles of Support for People with Dementia: Project Information – Circles of Support is a model of supporting disabled and older people, which usually involves a small group of people (which can include family, friends and paid staff) who come together to support a person, helping them to identify what they would like to do or change in their life and then supporting them to make this happen.

Know your choices – Plan your support – Leaflet from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

How can local authorities with less money support better outcomes for older people - Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Putting People into Personalisation: Relational approaches to social care and hosting - ResPublica Green Paper

Widening Choices for Older People with High Support Needs: Summary report – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Widening Choices for Older People with High Support Needs: Main report - Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Increasing Voice, choice and control - National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi)

100 Not Out: Resilience and active ageing - Young Foundation 2012

Perspectives on Ageing with Dementia: Summary – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Perspecitves on Ageing – Lesbians, gay men and bixexuals: Summary – Joseph Rowntree Foundation