Keeping active

We have produced Wisdom in Practice Discussion papers on several aspects of older people being active:


Economic Activity – Economic activity and older people in Scotland

Social Inclusion - Social inclusion and older people in Scotland

Keeping active   - Keeping active and older people in Scotland

Contributing to society   - Older people contributing to civil society

The We’re Here Too events and report included good examples of older people with higher support needs, including people living in care homes, getting support to be active:

We’re Here Too Report

 Other resources

Understanding age and the labour market- Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

This study investigated the role that age and generation play in employment, and how far these factors have changed over time.

Active at 60 - DWP Research report

Ageing Artfully – David Cutler Foreword Dame Joan Bakewell Older People and Professional Participatory Arts in the UK - Baring Foundation

The examples in the We’re Here Too report include useful sources for more information and advice.